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Linda C. Claflin-Phelps

Linda C. Claflin-Phelps continues to deliver top notch grooming and care after over fifty years in the grooming industry.  She owned a successful pet styling salon,  invented  “Snip From the Hip” a scissor holster, and wrote articles for professional magazines.  She was awarded the Bronze medal from the Oster International Invitational, and the Sybil and Jolie awards for kindness to animals.  In 2004, she was a GroomTeam USA member,  then served on their Board of Directors for three years.  Claflin served as Show Coordinator hosted by NEPGP  (New England Pet Grooming Professionals) for seven years, served on that Board of Directors for many years. In 2016, she spoke at the Atlanta Pet Fair and Dallas Pet Pro Classic.  Linda is a Learn2Groom Training Partner,  ISCC Meritus and Intellectual Groomers Association Founding member.

Her earlier life also prepared her for the wholistic approach to each animal she grooms.  She  co-owned a natural foods store in the 1970s and is a graduate of the Nippon Shiatsu Daigaku school in Putney, VT utilizing that knowledge for acupressure on dogs. Linda has been a long time member of Sandy Harrick’s Women’s 1970sGroup (, where she continues to develop her ideas.  She uses essential oils for herself and the animals she grooms.

Hobbies include flower gardening and turning bowls on a lathe.   Linda continues to embody quality, care and compassion in her professional service including teaching others.