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GroomTeam USA Code of Conduct

The GroomTeam USA code of conduct establishes expectations for professional behavior and actions of all GroomTeam USA point holders. Adhering to these policies protects the reputation and perception of the groomers on an individual level as well as the entire organization.

As a member in good standing of GroomTeam USA, I promise to:

  • aspire to the highest professional standards,
  • treat all team members and industry professionals with respect, honesty, and kindness,
  • treat all pets with kindness, patience, and respect and provide for their health and safety while they are entrusted to my care,
  • continue to pursue education and skill development,
  • encourage unity among pet stylists by promoting professionalism, the highest ethical standards, education, and creativity,
  • exhibit conduct befitting these standards in my actions, whether it be in writing, in person, or through online communications,
  • discourage unprofessional behavior toward others in my industry community.