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Show Promoter Letter

Dear Show Promoter:

Thank you for supporting GroomTeam USA.

GroomTeam USA has made significant changes in sanctioning guidelines affecting the 2017-2018 contest circuit. These rule changes are an ongoing effort to comply with accepted international rules. This ensures the best team member represents the United States in each class.  Rule changes for classes do not take effect until January 1, 2017. Application for sanctioning must be received by October 1, 2016 for the 2017-2018 contests.

GroomTeam USA would like to help make this transition as uncomplicated as possible. We will not tell you how, when or where to run your show. What we are doing is creating a simplified, uniform and cohesive contest class structure that GroomTeam USA recognizes for point calculation.

GroomTeam USA will be awarding points only to Open Division competitors in the four sanctioned classes:

  1. Wire Coats Class (Hand Strip)
  2. Sporting Class, (Spaniels and Setters)
  3. Poodles
  4. Other Purebreds, (Scissoring)

GroomTeam USA will no longer be awarding points to Group placements, Best in Show or Best All Around Groomer. Entries from classes and divisions other than the GroomTeam USA, Inc. ® Sanctioned Open Division classes will not be counted in point calculation.

Show Structure

Structure of the show, such as three tier, two tier or single tier, as well as any special awards such as Group awards, Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer awards remain the show promoter’s decision. All class rules not specifically designated as GroomTeam USA, Inc. ® Sanctioned, remain the show promoter’s decision. Designation of Level requirements, (other than Open Division is open to any competitor), remain the show promoter’s decision.

GroomTeam USA All show policies regarding awards, check in times, pre-judging, entry fees, coat growth requirements, disqualification criteria, withholding awards, specific tool use, ring policies, entry closing dates, judging system, dog qualification (other than breed specific for the four sanctioned classes), etc. all remain the show promoter’s decision.

Sanctioned Classes

GT will provide the specific rules for the sanctioned classes. GT will determine: acceptable breeds, acceptable trims and allotted time per class.


  • To qualify for sanctioning, the show promoter must offer the contestant the opportunity to enter each of the following classes: Hand Strip, Sporting, Poodle, and Other Purebred.
  • Show promoter must provide the four classes independent of one another.
  • Only non-­sanctioned classes may run simultaneously with sanctioned classes.
    • Exception: If Poodles are split into two classes (large and small), one of the Poodle classes may run simultaneously with one of the other three classes.
      • When Poodles are split, three finalists from each Open Division Poodle class will be selected to compete simultaneously in order to establish 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the Poodle Class points.

Application and Acceptance Criteria

  • To be eligible for sanctioning, show must have been operational for two years and demonstrated dependable sustainability.
  • Show must offer the four GT sanctioned classes using the GT sanctioned rules and parameters for these classes.
  • Show promoter must submit a signed GT application form to the corresponding secretary, prior to October 1 in the even year prior to the next two-­‐year
  • Sanctioning is a two-­year commitment by the show promoter.
  • Show Management must agree to abide by the GT Conflict of Interest Policy and provide this policy with the rules.
  • Show Management must provide the official GT sanctioned grievance form with the rules.
  • Show Management must agree to enforce the GT rules as provided.
  • Once GT Board of Directors has issued written approval, show promoter may advertise their show as a GroomTeam USA, Inc.® Sanctioned Show.
  • Show Management must record GT sanctioned class placements on the official results form, with authorized signature of show representative and submit to the GT Coordinator Within fifteen days following the last day of the show.
  • Failure to abide by GT criteria could result in loss of future GT Sanctioning.

Included in this packet are:

  • A description of the four accepted classes and the rules pertaining to these classes
  • An application form
  • An official GT results form
  • The GT Conflict of Interest Policy, (COI)
  • A PDF of the Sanctioned class rules and acceptable breed list with times
  • The official GT suggestion/grievance form

All applications should be returned no later than October 1, 2016 to the Corresponding Secretary

Tammy Siert.


The GroomTeam USA Board of Directors