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Scholarship Information

GroomTeam USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the applications for the GroomTeam USA Scholarship Fund. There are two levels of awards; One for college education, and the other for grooming education. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2017. GroomTeam USA, Inc. employs the aid of The International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. of Nashville, TN, a professional scholarship selection company. The use of this outside source ensures that the selection of the recipients is professional, fair, and unbiased.

Level 1 will provide one recipient with $2000 in college money. These funds may be used toward college education in any field and will be paid directly to the school. The only stipulations are that the applicant must be a US citizen and the child, stepchild, or grandchild of a bona fide, professional groomer. No other students may apply. This is strictly for the families of groomers!

Level 2 is open to any and all US citizen applicants, and provides one recipient with a full scholarship to their choice of one of a selected, participating group of nationally acclaimed grooming schools approved by GroomTeam USA, Inc. GroomTeam USA, Inc. will also provide up to a maximum of $1000 toward the purchase of the standard grooming tool kit available through the selected school. The participating schools include Maser’s Academy of Fine Grooming (Kenmore, WA), Merryfield School of Pet Grooming (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), Nanhall School of Dog Grooming (Greensboro, NC), The Paragon School of Pet Grooming (Jenison, MI) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Pet Grooming (Indiana, PA).

This is just a brief synopsis of the scholarship program. More detail is listed in the FAQ page below. To start the application process go to to begin. Remember, the deadline is June 15, 2017 and all applications must be processed on line.

The GroomTeam USA Scholarship Fund is intended to help the families of hard working pet stylists, like you. It is made possible through the generous contributions of our Premium Sponsors as well as the continued support of the numerous manufactures, distributors and groomers.

Any questions regarding the GroomTeam USA Scholarship fund may be directed to

To apply, click here.

Do you have questions about the scholarship? Check our FAQ page for help.