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Sanctioning, Points & Rules


  1. Sanctioning Packet is mailed to Show Management in early October.
  2. To be eligible for sanctioning, the show must have been operational for two years and demonstrated dependable sustainability.
  3. Show Management must submit the application no later than November 20th of the year preceding the two-year competition cycle, which starts with the odd year.
  4. The application must include a hard copy of the show’s rules governing the judging of their classes, a breakdown of the classes, and an entry form. These rules, including entry form, must be submitted to competitors as approved by the GroomTeam USA Board of Directors.
  5. Any changes in the rules between the time of application and the time rules are published in print or online must be submitted to the GroomTeam USA Board of Directors for consideration. Failure to do so could result in loss of sanctioning status.
  6. Show management must enforce rules as approved.
  7. Show management must agree to abide by the GroomTeam USA conflict of interest policy.
  8. Upon written acceptance/approval of the sanctioning application, show management may advertise that show as a “GroomTeam USA Sanctioned Show.”
  9. GroomTeam USA will award points per the point tabulation system.
  10. Show management must submit competition results on official forms within 15 days of competition completion. Results are final and discrepancies must be addressed prior to submission.
  11. Show management is strongly encouraged to establish and enforce a sportsmanship policy.
  12. Show management is strongly encouraged to establish and enforce a grievance procedure.
  13. Any deviation from the provisions stated above may jeopardize that show’s sanctioning.
  14. GroomTeam USA’s conflict of interest policy must be included as part of the competitor rules packet.
  15. Shows sold to new promoters will not receive automatic sanctioning unless the new show promoter follows the application process and agrees to abide by established rules. If this occurs during a 2-year cycle, no changes to the rules of the show can be made until the end of the 2-year cycle and a new application must be submitted for approval.

The competitor registration form must include the following statement:

“My signature, or initials if registering online, indicates that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to all Show Rules and Conditions and agree to be bound by their terms, including, but not limited to:

  • Show’s Groom Team Sanctioned Rules
  • Groom Team USA Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Sportsmanship Policy (If one is in place)